Irresistible temptation

Like echo which resonates in the mountains, BONZEL LUXURY WAFERS recipe excites taste buds ! Like the call of the summit, BONZEL LUXURY WAFERS temptation is irresistible ! Enjoy the pleasure of BONZEL LUXURY WAFERS, crispy wafers rolls with creamy heart. Crunch and savour multiple tasty fillings: chocolate intensity, vanilla subtlety, cappuccino sweetness and the good taste of cookies.

BONZEL LUXURY WAFERS, available in 100 g boxes
Crispy wafers rolls, 4 recipes:

  • BONZEL LUXURY WAFERS CHOCOLATE, chocolate cream-filled wafers
  • BONZEL LUXURY WAFERS VANILLA, wafers stuffed with vanilla cream
  • BONZEL LUXURY WAFERS CAPPUCCINO, cappuccino-flavoured wafers rolls
  • BONZEL LUXURY WAFERS CREAM & COOKIES, wafers with a sweet cookies and cream-flavoured filling
Bonzel Luxury Wafers Packaging