A sparkling sweetness!

There is only ENZO to provide me a moment of gentleness. With ENZO SOFT DRINKS, he gives me a concentrate of fruits and flavours. He helps me to relax by enjoying the fineness of its bubbles and its freshness. With ENZO SOFT DRINKS, let’s enjoy a fruity break at all times.

ENZO SOFT DRINKS available in 330 mL can
Sparkling fruit drinks, 6 flavours:

  • ENZO RED BERRIES, made with a mix of red berries;
  • ENZO GRENADINE, made with grenadine;
  • ENZO WHITE GRAPE, made with white grape juice;
  • ENZO PINEAPPLE COCONUT, made with pineapple and coconut juices;
  • ENZO COCKTAIL, made with apple, orange, pineapple and passion fruit juices;
  • ENZO TROPICAL, made with orange juice.

To drink chilled

Enzo boissons pétillantes packaging