Enzo is… my friend

There is only ENZO to help me to start the day. Each morning, ENZO CEREALS boosts my vitality and energy. It awakens my taste buds with delicious crispy, puffed, golden, sugar-coated, honeyed or chocolate cereals. With ENZO CEREALS, let’s start the day off on the right foot!

ENZO CEREALS available in 375 g packet
Breakfast cereals, enriched with iron and 8 vitamins, 5 recipes:

  • ENZO CORN FLAKES, crispy corn flakes;
  • ENZO FROSTED CORN FLAKES, sugar-coated corn flakes;
  • ENZO CHOCO BALLS, crispy cereal balls made with wheat, corn and rice, and puffed with delicious chocolate;
  • ENZO CHOCO SHELLS, crispy cereals made with oat, corn and wheat, and puffed with delicious chocolate;
  • ENZO HONEY BALLS, puffed cereal balls made with corn, wheat and rice and sweetened with delicious honey.
Packaging Enzo Céréales

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