Bonzel cream liqueur

Strength and smoothness combined for an idyllic experience…

When the strength of character of a great vintage whiskey meets the sweetness of cream, the harmony is simply as perfect as it sounds. Let yourself go and discover this masterfully created recipe.

An irresistible drink with gourmet notes of exquisite caramel and vanilla, Bonzel cream liqueur transports you to its universe of delicate flavours, where the essential, real taste can be found.

BONZEL Cream Liqueur available in a 150 mL can
Whiskey and cream based liqueur
Drink chilled, on its own or as a cocktail




Bonzel Café – Caramel

Allure and sensuality come together for an exceptional experience

It is from the subtle combination of coffee and caramel that Bonzel Café – Caramel is born. The bitterness and personality of coffee combined with the roundness of caramel make it an irresistibly sexy drink.

Allure, grace and sensuality come together in the tasting of this gourmet aperitif, which can be consumed alone or in a cocktail, always chilled. An exceptional moment during which you can discover true taste.

BONZEL Café – Caramel available in a 150 mL can

Coffee and caramel flavoured drink
Drink chilled, on its own or as a cocktail



Bonzel Sex on the Beach

The companion for light-hearted moments like a summer’s evening

Vodka, peach liqueur, pineapple and cranberry juice are the ingredients that bring this drink from the United States to life, having gone hand-in-hand with the greatest romantic moments of recent decades.

A seductive drink if there is one, Bonzel Sex on the Beach seduces with its freshness and its light-hearted character like a summer’s evening. With its tropical notes, served chilled, it brightens up your moments in a couple or among friends, and offers you true taste.

BONZEL Sex on the Beach available in a 150 mL can

Beverage obtained from orange juice, cranberry juice, blackcurrant aroma, peach aroma, natural mint aroma, bitter orange, grenadine and lemon aroma

Drink chilled




Bonzel Mojito

Commit a little sin with friends

Rum, soda, mint and lime come together so you can live Cuban tradition in a moment of conviviality. This cocktail drink, appreciated by the greatest legends, real or fictional, from Hemingway to James Bond, makes you experience the beauty of the moment intensely.

A charming drink if there is one, the Bonzel Mojito is served chilled, with a few ice cubes. Commit a little sin among friends to enjoy true taste.

BONZEL Mojito available in a 150 mL can

Beverage made with rum, lime juice, soda and mint

Consume chilled



Bonzel Piña Colada

Essential moments outside of time

Delicately sweet, like the smile of a Miss Universe, this happy blend of rum, pineapple juice and coconut cream takes you to delicious regions.

Its exotic character associated with the beauty of a skilfully composed combination makes Bonzel Piña Colada the essential drink for moments outside of time. Served chilled with a few ice cubes, this cocktail drink makes you rediscover true taste.

BONZEL Piña Colada available in a 150 mL can

Drink made with rum, pineapple juice and coconut cream

Consume chilled

Bonzel Liqueur and Cocktails

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