Our history

BONZEL, Emotion maker

At the beginning, a passion...

It is in the early 2000s that the story of the international BONZEL group began. From a passion for the taste emerged the desire of sharing unique flavours to surprise and arouse emotion. An insatiable quest started: the search for excellence and creativity!

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Our activities

Excellence-driven Innovation

Trends precursor, excellence producer and trusted distributor, BONZEL group has become an essential partner on the agrifood market.

Research & Development

The vision of BONZEL group is resolutely turned to research and innovation. We work each day with renowned experts in order to develop and perfect our unique recipes.


The quest for excellence is at the heart of the BONZEL group DNA. To ensure that everyone may enjoy the unique taste of our products, we work side by side with European factories recognised for their precision.


The ambition of BONZEL group is to share its passion for taste to a wide audience. In order to get close to consumers, we rely on a network of local subsidiaries and distributors across the world.


Across all continents

Set up in Switzerland, a global economic hub, agrifood BONZEL group serenely moves towards the opening of new markets on the international stage.

By taking the time to understand the specific characteristics of each territory, our group opens gradually new markets. Firstly in the promising African market thanks to a local subsidiaries network and then in the rest of the world with distributors skilled on their market, our group grows by preserving our proximity relation with consumers.

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Our commitments

BONZEL always offers the best

Since its creation, the Swiss BONZEL group has always wanted to share the best products. We work each day to offer incomparable taste, quality and safety.

Food safety

Traceability of agrifood products is a major objective. All our products are produced and controlled in Europe according to strict standards.

Quality requirement

A real taste! Our products are subjected to a strict specification with a special attention for the selection of ingredients.

Quest for excellence

Innovation and perfection have always been at the heart of our profession. Our teams are motivated by the longing for excellence.


The satisfaction of our clients is our priority. Our network of local subsidiaries and partner distributors allows us to be in tune with our consumers.