Freshness and indulgence for an unforgettable declaration of love

Spring water, purity
Ripe fruit, delicacy
Freshness, pleasure
Love, lust

Tenorio, te quiero…

A gourmet, refreshing drink, TENORIO transports you both here and elsewhere, with six flavours: Apple, Pineapple, Mango, Orange, ACE (orange, carrot and lemon) and the fascinating TENORIO 11 VITAMINS formula. Enjoy it chilled.

TENORIO available in a 330 mL can
Fruit flavoured waters, 6 flavours:

  • TENORIO Apple, spring water and apple juice concentrate;
  • TENORIO Pineapple, spring water and pineapple juice concentrate;
  • TENORIO Mango, spring water and mango juice concentrate;
  • TENORIO Orange, spring water and orange juice concentrate;
  • TENORIO A.C.E, spring water and orange, carrot and lemon juice concentrate;
  • TENORIO 11 VITAMINS, spring water and fruit juice made from banana, apricot, mango, apple, orange, grape, guava, papaya, passion fruit and lemon.

To be consumed very cold

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