Santizima Sangria

Absolutely divine

Is it more sensual than the sweet, wine-drenched fruits of a sangria? A drink reminiscent of intoxicating evenings in Madrid, Santizima sangria warms souls and hearts with its gourmet flavour.

Rooted in the Iberian tradition, this delicious combination of red wine and citrus refreshes you when the need arises or to accompany some tapas a la española.

Santizima Sangria available in a 1.5 L bottle

Red wine and citrus drink, 11% alcohol
To be consumed chilled




Santizima Tinto de verano

Absolutely divine

Ah, the light-heartedness of a summer’s evening, spent from terrace to terrace, in a pretty Andalusian square or at the chiringuito facing the sea… Rediscover all the sensations with Santizima Tinto de verano.

A delicately sweetened gourmet combination of red wine and lemonade, this popular drink, refreshing and sparkling, transports you straight to Granada or Malaga. An absolutely divine experience.

Santizima Tinto de verano available in a 500mL can

Red wine and lemonade drink, 4.9% alcohol

To be consumed chilled

SANTIZIMA Sangria, Tinto de verano