The new crispy wafers you won’t be able to say no to!

With four flavours specifically designed to seduce your palate: vanilla, chocolate, cappuccino and cookies dough, BONZEL wafers will have you snapping your way to pleasure!

In order to offer the best products and to satisfy the aficionados in seek of authentic flavour, BONZEL has expanded its range of products by offering Swiss wafers with truly authentic tastes. Made with premium quality ingredients selected with care, the BONZEL Luxury Wafers will hook you with the first bite.

Discover the crispy pleasure of a golden wafer filled with a generous creamy and melting filling.

Offered in an elegant metallic box to protect their taste intact after opening, the delicious BONZEL wafers will be the perfect biscuits for any situation and for the great delight of young and old alike!

Bonzel Luxury Wafers Packaging

BONZEL LUXURY WAFERS are available in 4 original recipes:

  • BONZEL LUXURY WAFERS CHOCOLATE, wafers filled with chocolate
  • BONZEL LUXURY WAFERS VANILLA, crispy vanilla wafers
  • BONZEL LUXURY WAFERS CAPPUCCINO, wafers with cappuccino hints
  • BONZEL LUXURY WAFERS CREAM & COOKIES, wafers with the irresistible taste of cookie dough

Give in to the irresistible taste of BONZEL LUXURY WAFERS!

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