BONZEL, Emotion Maker

Swiss BONZEL group

At the beginning, a passion...

Emotion maker, the Swiss BONZEL group was founded in the name of real taste! Our story has always been marked by the search for excellence and creativity.

It is in the early 2000s that the story of the international BONZEL group began. From a passion for the taste emerged the desire of sharing unique flavours to surprise and arouse emotion. An insatiable quest started: the search for excellence and creativity!

From discovery to discovery

Over the years, tasting discoveries multiply. Journeys around the world inspire. And meetings give life to new ideas. In this way, BONZEL Cream Liqueur sees the light of the day and represents the perfect harmony between the excellence of a great vintage whisky and the delicacy of milk cream.

Success and recognition

Created with a deft hand, BONZEL Cream Liqueur recipe seduces. Its elegance, its precision, its mesmerising notes are rapidly recognised on every continent of the world. This success is the genesis of BONZEL group which sets up in 2016 in the prestigious Swiss city of Lausanne.

Switzerland as land of growth

Land of excellence and innovation, Switzerland flawlessly symbolises the ambition of BONZEL group: “Bring all that exists and will exist to the perfection”. A quest which bears fruit because the group internationally distributes a large product family today: beers, malted beverages, isotonic drinks, energy drinks, fruit drinks, liqueur wines, flavoured milk powder, breakfast cereals etc.